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My experience with Stacy Blackman was amazing throughout the entire application process! Beginning with the application strategy, Bridget (my hand-selected personal consultant) and I worked closely to explore my past academic and professional experiences, areas of greatest strength and weakness, and personal passions in order to crystallize my ultimate goals. This process was critical to the overall application as it enabled me to become truly inspired by and motivated towards the MBA experience.
Next, Bridget diligently assisted me in selecting the individual schools to which I would apply. This process was equally crucial as the level of wisdom and pragmatism provided by Stacy Blackman was undoubtedly a foundational element of my eventual success. Bridget also helped me work on my strategy around recommenders as deciding which recommenders to use where can be tricky, and more importantly, Stacy Blackman’s method enables applicants to provide recommenders with a clear and focused outline of one’s application strategy; this helps the recommenders provide the best and most impactful recommendation possible.
Most importantly, Bridget worked tirelessly with me on the short answer questions, required essays, and optional essays for each school which I was partnering with Stacy Blackman on. I cannot overemphasize how necessary it is to have Stacy Blackman and someone like Bridget working with you on your essays. I am an excellent, well-above average analytical writer, and this is the one area that I had always excelled in academically. However, I can honestly say that my essays would have been an absolute disgrace without Bridget’s guidance. Throughout multiple drafts and rewrite processes, Bridget helped me hone my application strategy and goals into pointed, strategic, and impactful essays that clearly answered each question being asked, while maintaining a strong sense of my personal voice and being sure to always highlight the ever-critical topics of “why me” and “why this school”/”why this program”.
And when it came time for the interview phase, Bridget was right there to prep me. However, one of the most valuable aspects of Stacy Blackman’s program is the way in which the application strategy and essay processes generate so much passion for the MBA experience and so much involvement with each school’s materials that you are already an expert on yourself and each school when it’s time for the interviews.
For reference, I am a 26 year old male, I went to a top-20 liberal arts college and graduated with a low 3’s GPA (non-econ major), and took the GRE. However, with Stacy Blackman’s help, I will now be attending NYU Stern in the fall. I truly believe that without Bridget and Stacy Blackman’s assistance, I would not have gotten into Stern or the multiple other programs I was admitted to. Lastly, one top-20 program offered me a $48k merit scholarship, which would equate to an 800% direct return on my Stacy Blackman investment (that completely disregards the near pricelessness of an MBA from such an institution)…if that’s not money well spent, then I don’t know what is!

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