January 28, 2015

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I have the highest recommendation for Lisa and SBC. I could not have asked for more during my application to an EMBA program. In completing research on the internet I knew SBC was a top notch support service for MBA applicants. Even with the strong reviews of SBC, Lisa exceeded all of my expectations. I had a low college GPA and barely met work requirements to be considered by schools that I desired to apply. In short, I considered myself a reach candidate for elite schools. Lisa rounded my applications using the SBC process perfectly and did an outstanding job in interview prep so that I could highlight my strengths and market myself as an asset to each program. Her help paid off, I was admitted at 2 of my dream schools. Thanks to her help, I was able to choose between my dream programs and will now be alumni of an elite school. Outside of the results, Lisa was a great person to work with. I felt like we were a team and she was just as eager to hear the results of each school as I was. Further, she was glad to help with any questions that I had and talk through each aspect of the process in detail. Again, I am extremely happy with the results we achieved, supported significantly by Lisa. I will gladly provide a recommendation on her behalf to anyone requiring an MBA consultant.

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