February 09, 2015

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I found that b-school applications were very much about selling myself, which is something that didn't come comfortably to me at all. Margaret helped me discover aspects about me that I previously thought were mundane, taught me to talk them up, and turned them into selling points. She also turned my marginally-readable essays into literary genius! The whole applications process was extremely demanding and just as a professional athlete has a coach and agent, having Margaret in these roles kept me motivated through this arduous process, which was critical for me in getting my best application in.The Stacy Blackman service is expensive. I found that it's absolutely worth the money because my results speak volumes. With my undergrad GPA well under 3.0, I didn't even have dreams of Haas, but with your focused gameplan, I made it in! Stacy's stats don't lie. Her clients make it in to where they want to go!

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