February 10, 2015

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In short, I was very happy that I chose to hire Stacy and team. My consultant was absolutely great. Her biggest assistance was in helping me craft my essay topics and frame my stories in a more compelling way. We'd do this by sending drafts back and forth via email, first revising the big-picture" then working on the specific wordings and grammar. Between our initial phone discussions and reading my essays, Margaret got to know me quite well so she knew what kind of personal questions to ask and suggestions to make. I believe that we were up to version 15 for some of the essays, but by the end I had full confidence that my essays were as best as they could be. Margaret also gave me a mock interview over the phone before each of my real interviews and double checked my data sheets and resume before I submitted everything. Her turn around time was no more than 24 hours for essay revisions, but normally much shorter if I just had a quick question. Margaret would sometimes check with Stacy and others on tricky aspects or judgment calls on my application. The best thing about Stacy Blackman consulting is that it is truly a consulting relationship where I felt that they were my partners and they really wanted me to succeed.

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