April 05, 2015

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Last year, I applied without a consultant to H/S/W plus UCLA. I got into UCLA and got wait-listed at Wharton (didn't get in). I am a 30y/o white male with a 690 GMAT but great experience and a very high UGPA from a top 50 (barely) public school. When I did it on my own, I clearly didn't do a great job at telling my story properly.

Instead of attending UCLA, I decided to wait another year and give Stanford, Wharton, Kellogg, Berkeley with the help of Stacy Blackman's Sarah. With hours of Sarah's help and the adoption of her straightforward and humble style of storytelling, I was got into Wharton with a $42k scholarship. Nothing else really changed in my application (same 690 Gmat, same GPA, same work experience). The ~$6k I spent got me into Wharton and created an immediate ROI. Couldn't be happier - except maybe if I had gotten into Stanford with a scholarship. But Sarah set realistic expectations for my chances there given my age and the level of competition.

Thanks Sarah!

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