April 13, 2015

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Oxford was only a dream till I started working with SBC and specifically Margaret Strother. When I started I didn’t have enough knowledge of how this would work, I literally made a leap of faith with SBC and it turned out to be the best investment I could’ve made. I not only ended up being accepted into the only school I applied, i.e. Oxford SBS, but also secured a full scholarship. It was all dreams come true at once. It would have been very difficult without the help of Margaret. I went in with an unrealistic demand: One school, very short deadline, not knowing where I wanted to go and essentially very vague post MBA goals. It was amazing how she could polish my thinking and bring out what was always within me specially in the lingo that adcom is looking for. The things that I did not value at all became my biggest selling points in my essays. It’s amazing how she polished everything I had to say without even putting in a single sentence of her own. Hours and hours of her asking questions and then asking some more till I’d become speechless and start to see what she wanted me to see. And it was not only essays, she guided me to ace my interview with mock interview preps too. I have nothing but praise for Margaret – she is a miracle worker :).

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