April 22, 2015

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I cannot express how grateful and appreciative I am that I had the opportunity to work with Bill Chionis. We connected immediately, he was patient, diligent and his insights were critical at every step of the process.

I was an untraditional applicant, with an entrepreneurial background. Bill's positive attitude and confidence helped put my mind at ease from the beginning, as I was unsure of the process.

I opted for a 3- school comprehensive service (all-in) and Bill supported me from essays to interview. He also provided me with observations into the programs I was considering and also encouraged me to expand my search.

Bill played an integral role in guiding me through the process of successfully crafting a genuine, powerful and unique collection of essays. He provided me with great tips in selecting the best topics and situations for the essays. He was always responsive and available.

I found the "Flight Test" to be very constructive: a SB team member (not your consultant) reviewed the application simulating the admission committee of the top school of your choice. I found the feedback to be valuable, allowing us to fine tune the application in preparation of submission.

Next was the interview prep, which I felt I was going to be a breeze as I get the opportunity to speak in front of large groups frequently. I underestimated the importance of preparation for this section and immediately Bill recognized that I did not practice or prepare, but he assisted me in refining my responses and transitions, while helping me find my pace Bill again provided great tips, precise feedback and to account for variables.

I believe the quality of support that Stacy Blackman provided was excellent. Thanks to the passion and wisdom Bill brought to the process, it allowed him to be prepared for any possible situation. Bill was an incredible resource to me throughout the application process. He saved me an enormous amount of time and stress, he was a trusted advisor. Having Bill as a resource provided me with the ability to focus on the important aspects of my applications and was critical in my success. To anyone looking for an MBA admissions consultant with proven results, I highly recommend SBC and Bill Chionis.

I am forever grateful to Bill and SB for helping me gain acceptance into my dream school.

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