May 20, 2015

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I was skeptical at first about using a consulting service to help me with my MBA applications, but I’m a believer now. From the initial strategy call, to the edits and re-edits of essays, all the way to the interview-prep help, Erika was my cheerleader, trusted advisor and go-to person whenever I had questions (and trust me, I had a lot). When it comes to MBA applications, candor is king, and Erika did an amazing job at keeping me on the path that we had outlined.

Initially, Erika told me that my four top-choice schools—Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley and MIT—were the four toughest schools to get into (by acceptance rate, respectively). Even knowing this, Erika and SBC took the risk and worked with me, knowing that it could hurt their own client acceptance rate numbers. My GMAT/GPA stats were very average at the schools I was applying to (below average at my top choices), and I knew that I would need a compelling story. I had the work background and personal initiatives on my resume to tell that story, and Erika challenged me to be authentic, to show and not tell, and to craft my story until it was perfect.

I ended up applying to six schools in round one (all top-ten), and with the help of Erika and SBC, I was able to land four interviews, eventually getting admitted to one of my top choices—Berkeley!

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