June 17, 2015

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I worked with a dream team at SBC and am more than happy about the results. The thing that stood out to me about SBC was the amazing range of talent and experience. Wanted admissions committee eyeballs on my essays. Check. Wanted someone who understood marketing and admissions strategy. Check. Wanted interview expertise to help with interview prep. Check. Because I had several people weighing in I was able to get exactly what I needed. I had coaching in writing. I had assistance with strategy. I had amazing feedback, perhaps more than I wanted sometimes in the moment when I was told to redo or rethink something! I learned that there are many skills needed to make a high quality application. I first worked on my strategy and my story and then got down to the finer details. Lisa helped with it all. Honestly they gave me more resources than I could possibly have used, but I used what I needed, always got help when I asked and had a terrific guide helping me thru it all. The process was scary at times as I navigated the hows and whys but I was ultimately successful and say thank you.

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