June 23, 2015

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I read all the reviews, talked to Esther at SBC and did a lot of research on SBC before hiring them. They have been around longer than almost any other firm, so that helped boost my confidence. Still I was nervous about making a mistake - wasting my money or worse - just getting bad advice and really screwing up my application. When I started working with Bill I quickly felt calm because he was so NICE, and knowledgeable, and in general everyone on that team was so helpful - I always felt that I could turn to someone. And I did many times, when I had a panic about one particular essay, or how to handle a school visit, or the follow up after a weird alumni interviewer. My skepticism has turned to belief as the system worked for me! YEAH! I grew a lot through this process and credit Bill and SBC with guiding me on a journey that in many ways was valuable even if I did not get into a top school. Thankfully I DID get into a great school which of course was the whole point. These are good people who want to help and have a ton of knowledge which allows them to be effective. Bill was so responsive and smart. He eliminated my indecision and helped steer me towards success. NYU Stern here i come. Thank you.

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