July 01, 2015

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Margaret from Stacy Blackman Consulting saved me from near disaster. Is this dramatics? No. She took a rambling jumble of irrelevant, uncohesive thoughts and helped me figure out how to organize it all. I was torturing myself every day, asking my brother (Tuck alum) for help and thinking I could figure it out on my own - and then came Margaret. We had to push my apps to second round but she helped me make that decision that I was nowhere near ready and then helped me get things in order. Margaret is funny, kind and wise. I am so grateful that I was connected with her. Thank you to Esther for that original pairing. The process I went through with Margaret was valuable in and of itself - I learned a lot about me and what I value, who I am and then I got into business school as the grand prize. Being clear about all of these issues helped me in my interviews and also in directing recommenders. It's not just a strategy for an essay, it's an overall presence and confidence that helped me present my whole case.

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