December 20, 2015

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Excellent experience with Keauna Mason


I signed up with SBC after having introductory consultation phone calls with a few other admissions consulting firms. SBC felt like they would bring the right set of both one-on-one advise, but also involve a range of secondary and tertiary opinions where necessary, which was particularly attractive to me. Once I signed up, I began working with Keauna Mason, who I can recommend very highly. It was a great experience - she adapted to my working style, and helped me address any issues and provided feedback in a working style that was great for me, and on the schedule that best fit me. She helped keep me on tempo, and the quality of the outputs were better because of the additional opinions and prompting she was able to help me with. The additional preparation - the adcom flight test, practice interviews, etc. - were also of great help in continuing to refine and get better at telling my story. Overall, it was an excellent, and at the end of the day very successful, experience.

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