January 06, 2016

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Low GPA Success Story


I worked with Caryn through a three school All-In Package and I also had Caryn edit my fourth application on an hourly basis. I was accepted to three of these schools and waitlisted at the fourth (all top 7 programs). I will be heading to my top choice, Wharton, this fall.

As someone with fairly typical background and a low GPA, I knew I needed every advantage possible if I wanted to be admitted into any of top schools. After interviewing four different admissions consulting companies, I decided to use SBC because of their established track record and breadth of offerings beyond the essay help (the flight test, the practice interviews, the sample essays, etc.,). I chose to work with Caryn in particular because of her experience as a Kellogg MBA, a Kellogg admissions officer and a marketing professional.

Caryn was a great choice. Caryn helped me connect the disparate points of my story and establish a clear narrative throughout my application. She even helped me find a couple more extracurriculars to get involved with to round out my resume. I appreciated that Caryn was willing harshly criticize my essays, forcing me to push myself to write the best essays I could. Looking at the finished product, I would say that my essays ended up being the strongest part of my entire application

Caryn was much more than an editor. Caryn helped me establish a timeline and many benchmarks to ensure that I got in all of my round one applications on time. Caryn provided essay feedback within 24 hours, and she was quick to answer all the nagging minor questions that pop up during this process.

Caryn made this inherently stressful experience a lot more tolerable. Caryn helped ensure that I submitted the best applications possible and her unwavering enthusiasm throughout the process was equally valuable. I don’t think there’s any way I would’ve gotten into one (let alone three!) top 7 schools without Caryn’s guidance, and I would definitely recommend Caryn/SBC!

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