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Big Thanks to Stacy Blackman and Lisa Anderson


If you are struggling whom you should ask for help when applying for a business school, I highly recommend Stacy Blackman!
When I decided to go to purse an MBA, I had no idea what I should do. And I didn't think I could go to a good b-school because my work experience was less than 2 years. Everyone around me told me that it would be impossible for me to get into a top 20 b-school. And I almost gave up....until my friend recommended SBC to me.
My consultant is Lisa Anderson, a sweet lady with rich experience in admissions. I wasn''t confident of my academic and occupational background, I knew nothing about the b-school application, AND I didn't even take GMAT until October(which was really behind the application timeline). After we talked, Lisa inspired me to discover my strength, suggested schools that I could try with my little poor work experience, and helped me figure out my timeline. Without rich knowledge of admissions, she wouldn't have known that so well.
During the several month application process, she always answered my emails within 24 hours, reminded me to stay on my schedule. She was very helpful when I edited my resume and essays. She was able to spot my unique qualities and gave me insightful suggestions for resume and essays. Not only did she prepare me well for my interview, but she also inspired me during my interview process. I remember that after my first interview, I was so upset that I called her. She comforted me and made me confident to confront my following interviews. Without her, I am unsure if I could be successful in the following interviews.
With Lisa's help, I got accepted to 3 good schools with scholarships and one of them is a top 20 school. I was so satisfied with it and I really enjoyed working with Lisa!
Thank you, Lisa!

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