December 19, 2016

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A+ Service and Top 5 Results


Selecting Stacey Blackman Consulting to support and advise me during the admissions process was the best decision I made while preparing my applications. My consultant advised me through the seemingly 'never-ending' admissions process and gave me tips that I know made all of the difference in my acceptance to both HBS and Tuck. I not only benefited from her extensive admissions experiences and insights, but also enjoyed our conversations which I found lighthearted, yet focused. The consultants at Stacey Blackman do a phenomenal job at viewing your background objectively and giving tough love where it is needed. My consultant was direct and honest about my profile which helped me take a step back and recognize the gaps I needed to improve if I wanted to get into a top school. SBC is great for individuals who don't take critical feedback personally and are willing to tackle it head on in order to receive admission to his/her school of choice.

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