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SBC - Comprehensive Package


My profile goes like this:
An older candidate, belong to an over-represented group of applicants, belong to an under-represented industry, 690 GMAT and 3.15 CGPA and an average work experience with a few interesting bits and pieces.
I knew, I needed help. I talked to a few services and realized that SBC would work nice, with their experience.
First call wasn't the best one (not to Ryan, someone else) and was told that with my profile I might be shooting for stars and may not work well. But after that, from second call onwards, things were on the track.
We discussed schools and aspirations, reasons and other details. When time came for Brag Sheet, that was really the time I realized what I had lacked in preparation for an MBA so far. Finally, the countless hours of editing essays, resumes, interview prep, etc. But Ryan was on it all the time. I slipped from original schedule and my job gave me a few jitters, but he didn't let go of the end.
Today, out of three schools, I have one admit, 2 waitlist (all ranked among top 20 - P&Q - including one in top 10).
I can't be more happy. Ryan delivered what he promised.

Suggestions to prospective students:
Be aware of why you want an MBA. Use the resources available, as much as you can.

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