March 31, 2017

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Thankful for Chris and the SBC team


Hiring SBC was the smartest move I made while applying to b-school. I worked with an incredible consultant, Chris, who made all the difference for me. Chris has been consulting for many years and knew exactly how to tweak my stories so that they were more authentic and strategic. The difference was clear to me very quickly and I ended up increasing to a full three school package. I actually really enjoyed working with Chris - he is smart, funny and helped me to get real. He never made me feel like I was pestering him even though I am sure I was - there were a few times where I freaked out about small details and could not decide which path to take. He was my voice of reason. Additionally, within my three school package, my application was reviewed by another consultant who came from Kellogg Admissions. This was valuable because she identified a few details that we needed to refine. At the end of the day, I am going to Kellogg and my only regret - that Chris cannot come along....My before and after essays, resume, application form, rec letters etc are striking. The difference is clear. I gained so much from this partnership with the SBC team and am eternally grateful!

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