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I was a candidate with an over-represented applicant profile and I was worried that I would not be able to stand out in my applications from other similar applicants for M7 on my own. I applied to Round 2 and signed up for the service with a month and a half left to the first deadline. The SBC team wasted no time in getting me plugged into the process. I had the very first introductory call and resume review with Sarah and she gave me valuable, honest feedback with no strings attached, and I was sold! The SBC team was not pushy at all and even gave me a few days to reconsider “fit” after an initial call with Becky, who ultimately became my admissions consultant. The signup process was very transparent, respectful and organized.

During the first kickoff call, Becky was able to peel back the layers and asked pointed questions to learn about my strengths and motivations. I was not very prepared and had to think aloud and talk through my answers many a time. Becky was very patient with me. The resulting application master document she prepared included a detailed timeline of to-dos and a list of perceived strengths with a couple of accompanying key anecdotes. I kept coming back to this document while writing my essays and filling out my applications. Even if you only sign a portion of your schools up for the comprehensive service, the rest of your applications will benefit immensely from it.

Becky has a brilliant way of isolating weaknesses in my essays, and providing options on how to improve and bring clarity, as she had gotten very familiar with my background and achievements. Also, as MBA applications get creative (Sloan’s faux-optional second essay, Booth’s ppt essay, video essays, Wharton’s TBD etc.), Becky and the rest of SBC team were able to provide more than adequate support and feedback across all of those elements.

Thanks Becky!

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