March 25, 2014

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B-school apps can be challenging, frustrating, scary, and overwhelming. At the end of the day, it really helps to have a professional by your side to guide your thought process as you think about the topics for your essays, and the overall strategy for each school. I worked with Margaret at SBC, and can say from the bottom of my heart that she did a great job in steering me in the right direction. While I didn't get into my first choice school, I ended up in a top-20 school with a FULL FELLOWSHIP, which means my entire tuition was paid for (I didn't apply for any fellowships, but was rather selected based on my application, which was a ridiculously nice surprise). As I look back, I remember second guessing the essay topics for the B-school. It seemed they were too cheesy, too personal. Margaret didnt let me stray and reassured me in every revision of the essays. I can honestly say that without Margaret I would not have written these essays and who knows whether I would have gotten the same result. If I had to do anything differently, I would have been a bit more creative and brave with the topics I chose for other B-schools. At the end of the day, SBC and Margaret were there for me to guide my own options, they could only work with what they had. SBC won't make up ideas for you, won't write the application for you, so you really have to be determined to stand out and show the school who you really are with how you write your application. SBC will however guide your thinking as you write the essays, focus the topic on important factors that we tend to skip over but the admissions committee really care about, and help you understand which topic, in which manner makes your application the strongest. Thank you Margaret and thank you SBC!

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