April 08, 2014

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I worked with Aliceson at Stacyblackman and I am thrilled to say that with her help I have been accepted to my dream school (H/S).
As an International student with a non-traditional background, I was somewhat unsure about the entire process and had many questions. When we were first matched together, Aliceson took the time to understand the different aspects of my profile and answer all my preliminary questions.
She guided me through the process and encouraged me to focus on one aspect of my application at a time. She was extremely accessible and through her honest feedback, challenged me to reach further. From our initial chat to my mock interview, she encouraged me to focus on what made me unique rather than trying to fit into a certain mold.
With her great support, I successfully built an application that clearly reflected my personal story and background. I recommend Aliceson and Stacy blackman consulting to anyone looking to apply to business school . This scary journey gets easier when working with someone with experience and a great knowledge of the schools you are applying to.

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