December 22, 2014

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I decided to pay for 10 hours as I did not have enough money for the comprehensive service. I decided to work with Reene. she was very helpful and helped with my school selection. I decided to apply to HBS, Wharton and Kellogg- I initially had never considered HBS or Wharton. I'm glad to say I got into both Wharton and Kellogg and deferred to R2 at HBS. I've also got a huge scholarship from Kellogg and now have the wonderful problem of deciding what school to go to!
Reene was really helpful throughout and always got back to me promptly. She was great at helping me restructure my essays, which made them read much better. With what I learned from working with her, I went on to apply to Ross on my own and have now been offered a full tuition scholarship there! I doubt I would have been able to apply on my own before.
Thanks to Reene and SB, I now have to chose from 3 amazing programs with huge scholarships at 2 of them.

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