September 16, 2015

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The consultant assigned to me was Chi-Pei Tseng, who was matched with me given similar professional and ethnic backgrounds. Our "match" was made via an initial interview with another consultant from the firm (free trial).

I was enlightened by the feedback received during the 30 min free trial session - small details on what I could improve on in my resume, what I should be highlighting as strengths, and my realistic chances for each of my target schools.

I was formally onboarded with Stacy Blackman just a week to the R2 deadline. We revamped my resume and essays. Chi-Pei worked with me across multiple timezones as I was travelling through Asia and Europe at the time. She was very efficient in reviewing and commenting, with turnaround times within a day considering the tight timeline.

When I got invited to interview, she also took time on a Sunday to rehearse me through a mock interview, which fell on a Monday.

Overall - I would highly recommend their services especially if you are feeling any doubt at all on your application. They do have a wealth of resources that make them a credible and reliable consulting firm.

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