November 04, 2015

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At first, I didn't buy into the whole idea of admissions consulting, but more and more that I read over the web, asked people, and of course read the reviews on GMATClub, I realized that there maybe some serious potential. So, I signed up for the hourly service with SCB, and started off with a couple of prep material and phone conversations.
My overall review is: You HAVE to have a consultant, so that you can review your work with enough confidence that they KNOW WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT!

Of course, you may have friends who went and got Ivy League MBAs or business school professors, and you'd expect you do just as fine with them reviewing your essays, etc..


The difference is that those friends do not know what the adcom wants to hear/read. The consultants DO KNOW. So it's a big difference, to me at least.

And with SCB, I think I got an amazing help reshaping my essays, resume, and even doing an overall rebranding for my application.

Definitely encourage people to talk to SCB consultants!

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