January 16, 2017

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Bill with Stacy Blackman


I did not have great test scores and went into the application process without a great sense of what schools were the best fit for me. After some research, I was fortunate enough to connect with Bill Chionis from Stacy Blackman. During my initial consultation, he gave me a very honest evaluation of my candidate profile and advised on schools that might be worth pursuing.

During the application process for my target school, Bill's practical, strategic approach was extremely helpful. He knew which strengths focus on for essays and customized my profile to match the traits my school was looking for. His willingness to answer questions and provide feedback during the evenings, and even some weekends, helped me stay organized during busy work weeks.

Bill's experience and creativity makes him a valuable resource to any hopeful MBA candidate looking for assistance. He has my highest recommendation and is one of the reason my target school accepted me into their full-time program.

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