November 06, 2020

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Candid, apt, constructive


Kim helped me in many ways but predominantly by "demystifying" the MBA application process… being an international applicant, I was full of questions and concerns. Kim was able to break each step down into manageable and meaningful pieces, with each step bringing me closer to a polished application. She helped me alleviate my insecurities and guided me through the process. I especially appreciated Kim's straightforward and honest feedback, which enabled me to truly reflect about my strengths and areas for improvement. Through candid brainstorming sessions and iterations of my essays with her, I was able to paint a story of my life and accomplishments with pride and confidence. I can recommend Kim to anyone who is looking for a consultant that pairs competency with honesty. I could not be more grateful for all of Kim's help. Teaming up with her for my applications was the best investment I ever made and is already changing my life. I got into my dream school and will be part of the class of 2023, at one of the best ivy league MBA programs in the country.

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