July 12, 2016

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EMBA Admission Essays


I worked with Cindy to craft my essays for part-time as well as EMBA programs at ASU. Cindy was very helpful, very experienced and gave me guidance on the content after talking to me briefly for the first time. Cindy's biggest asset is to present the content in fewer words without loosing the crux of your accomplishments. Cindy worked according to my schedule and she is very accommodative of my requests. Cindy asked me to buy an hour at a time and did not waste my time at all. Its the best decision I made and money well spent. Initially I crafted essays for part-time then I have to revise for EMBA. But, Overall based on the guidance she gave me for part-time helped me to craft my EMBA essays and it was just an hour with Cindy on my EMBA essays. I appreciate her guidance and time consciousness. I will not hesitate to recommend Cindy to future MBA aspirants. I thank Cindy and team for reviewing and guiding me in admission process.

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