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It is time for me to write this review.
Chris and Tyler did a great job to walk me through the process of applying to top business schools.
Once I was done with the Gmat...a new journey began...
I did not want to spend a lot of money but I needed I decided to invest for a seasonal pass (it was 97$ v good deal). I am so happy I took this decision. The video course gave me flexibility to follow it with my work schedule. On my free time, I was watching those videos as I was advancing during my application process. From essays (choosing the right stories), resume (the right format... very helpful for international students) to the interview process. MBAprep walked me through all these important steps. It was v helpful for the price I paid..On the top of the excellent preparation that the videos gave me, I really found v helpful the bi-weekly conference calls. Those conference calls create a safe environment for students to ask all kind of questions (interviews, essays and anything you might have in your mind related to your MBA.) GLAD I made this choice...THANKS A LOT Chris and Tyler. Hope this review helps other students choosing MBAPrep. If you are like me not willing or able to invest a large sum of money on preparing your mba applications, MBAprep will give you the tools to be competitive ... In my humble opinion in the end is always up to you (experience, work progression and etc) but You need to show those elements in the right way. Btw Thanks GmatClub for showing the right path from Gmat Preparation to the application process...
Best of Luck on your application process.

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