February 05, 2014

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I worked with Angela in my MBA admission Journey and I got into the school that I dreamed of. Listen to my story.
She pushed me very hard to write the best story about myself. Without her help, I would not be able to do so. Not only that, she helped me find a GMAT tutor for me when I couldn’t pass the 300 level. After I finished my GMAT, she strongly advised that I study at a community college to prepare myself for the MBA since my first language is not English and she thought I would have a difficult time in my MBA. She read my personality and she advised which schools I should consider for my MBA.
She went far and beyond the scope of our contract. I felt every step of the way she truly cared about me and my success – she understood me and worked with my very very busy schedule. I knew I could always trust her advice. I tried other admission consultants, and I do not see anybody give me what Angela gave me.
I still consult her about my further study, and she still answers me without charging me. I consider her an advisor and friend for the rest of my career. Is there any reason why not to sign with Angela?

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