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Eh... it was okay
March 26 | 2014
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Some, but not all

This review is for: mbaMission MBA Student Services
Consultant: Katharine Lewis

I hired mbaMission for a 2-school package and I don't feel like I received the full value I paid for. My consultant was helpful in crafting my initial story but after that, the edits were much more superficial. I ended up asking a close friend to read my essays, and he provided the type of valuable feedback I was seeking from my admission consultant.

If the services were cheaper, then I don't think it would have been as big of an issue but for the thousands of dollars I paid for, I was expecting a lot more substantive feedback. I know it may sound like I am unhappy with mbaMission's services because I was not admitted to the 2 schools I applied for but that is definitely not the case. Even if I was admitted, my opinions on the value of the service I paid for would have remained the same.

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Would you be willing to share more about your experience? Please message me - thanks!
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Couldn't agree more
Krista Nannery is the best!
March 06 | 2016
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This review is for: mbaMission MBA Student Services
Consultant: Krista Nannery

This letter serves to recommend Krista Nannery as an MBA admissions consultant.

Shopping for a good admissions consultant was overwhelming. I not only had to search for a consulting company with good reviews, but I also had to pick a good consultant. Unfortunately I was late in the game with almost 1 month left to submit my application to several schools. 

I chose MBA Mission for its rating. It had very good rating and seemed to have a very good customer base. It also had various documents that could help me research the schools I was interested in. However, most of the leading consultants were occupied by “the early birds”. I was referred to Krista to be my consultant.

I did agree to interview Krista to see if I was comfortable with her being my consultant.  To say that Krista exceeded my expectation is not giving credit enough. Krista worked hard and she was very efficient. Krista was very timely with her responses, sometimes even taking just 1 day to review a new draft, adding some comments and replying to my email. In 1 month I had to craft 3 solid applications and 6 different essays, each different than the next. With the help of Krista, I was able to meet the deadlines with remarkable essays.

We first started with a brainstorming session that really helped get the ideas flowing. She cared enough to memorize and really think about my life experiences and what they meant. More often than not, Krista would recall points from the brainstorming session that I would forget. She would meticulously work with me to craft the essay to marry my life experiences with the points I wanted to portray.

The conversation would go:
Me: I need to tell the AdCom that I have xxx. I’m thinking of using this story, what do you think
Krista:  That is a good story to tell but how about you give them this story instead. You could also angle it this way to solidify your claim.
Me: I see what you did there. Brilliant!

Krista completed her MBA at Booth. She also worked in the admissions office, so she knows exactly what the AdCom wants to hear. She also has a great skill at story telling at a professional level, which I believe helped tremendously.

The fact that Krista lived in the UK at the time I was applying, did not bother the process at all. She was very responsive to my questions, and she was very flexible with her time. We were always able to schedule appointments when I needed to talk to her, sometimes we would even schedule appointments the next day! Krista made the whole process as easy as it could be. She has lived and worked all around the world and is a very international personal, which I think helps international candidates.

I hired her for 3 schools. The first I got dinged to, it was a long shot. The second I got in to with a good scholarship, that Krista helped me make a case for and write about. The third school – my dream school -- I am happy to report I’ll be attending come August.

I have no hesitation in recommending Krista as an MBA admissions consultant. I truly believe she was my secret weapon to being accepted into the school of my choice!

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     By kobrien319 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission MBA Student Services
Consultant: Daniel Richards

A former colleague recommended Dan because she had a good experience working with him as she applied to Columbia Business School. With CBS as my top choice, I met with Dan to discuss my plans and immediately felt confident that the investment in his services would be a great choice.
I wasn’t breaking any records with my GMAT score or GPA, but Dan helped me to put together an aggressive, but realistic approach to applying that would not only cover all the bases, but would also highlight specific pieces of my story that set me apart from other candidates – I applied Early Decision and was ecstatic when I found out that I got into my dream school!
I was extremely happy with the results I saw from working with Dan. From the beginning brainstorming sessions, he challenged me and guided me to dig into specific examples and prioritize where I would include each piece of my story in the four essays of my application. We worked very well together. His responses were always timely and supportive – however, what I found most helpful was his ability to provide tactical edits and comments that would help to shape each of my essays into more of a narrative.
My advice for working with Dan is to set up your own plan and stick to it – because he won’t let you down on his end. The hard work is all on you, but if you prepare extensively, Dan will probe you for the additional details and make sure your maximizing your opportunities to express yourself with your essays.
While I only applied to one school with Dan, upon hitting the submit button, I wasn’t nervous. Thanks to Dan, I was excited and extremely proud of the essays and overall package that I put together. He offered to help me with every detail of the application, from the optional essay to how I worded the descriptions of my extracurricular activities. He is truly gifted at wordsmithing and I found his advice and direction to be spot on throughout the process. He was also extremely efficient with both his time and my time, maintain transparency throughout… each of my essays took about 5-6 versions and Dan was quickly returning my documents to me… often times, earlier than he had to.
By the time interview prep came, Dan had me well-prepared to answer most every question that could come up. He was also extremely thoughtful as I awaited the results – checking in on me with encouragement as the 2-week process for some reason turned into 3-4 weeks… we all know how stressful the process can be and it was great to have his support.
Overall, I was 100% satisfied with the mentorship Dan provided me and I would highly recommend him to anyone applying to a top MBA program. I truly felt like he was invested in me throughout the well-thought out and executed 3-month process (just 6 weeks to submit the application), and I was grateful to have his insight as I navigated everything from brainstorming and resume editing to wordsmithing and strategic follow-up e-mails. My story to get into CBS was always there, but Dan efficiently and creatively helped me to communicate my candidacy to the admissions team.

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This review is for: mbaMission MBA Student Services
Consultant: Katharine Lewis

Katharine (Katy) Lewis did a fantastic job advising on my application process, and I could not have been more pleased with our experience working together.

Applying in Round 3 this past spring (2016), I knew that I was going to have an uphill battle if I was going to be accepted to one of my target schools (top-10, mostly). I began working with Katy approximately six-weeks before my application deadlines after I had already taken the GMAT exam. Immediately, Katy and I set to work brainstorming, discussing my background and goals in-depth over approximately two hours of phone calls so that we better grasp and articulate my “story”.

When I began working on my essays, this investment in brainstorming really paid off. Going into my applications, I knew that my above-average amount of job movement was going to be an issue that I would need to address, and Katy did an exceptional job of helping me express a coherent career path that emphasized professional growth and a breadth of experience gathered along the way.

Additionally, an added benefit of this brainstorming work and Katy’s guidance was that I approached my applications with a more well-defined sense of my career goals after my MBA and was able to better explain why these goals appealed to me personally, as well as why they tied into my overall “story”. This concrete sense of direction was incredibly helpful, both in creating well-crafted applications, and in planning for my MBA experience going forward.

Ultimately, I was accepted to my top school after initially being waitlisted. Statistically, the odds of a successful outcome after applying in Round 3 are fairly slim, and while a fair amount of luck was certainly on my side, I can honestly say that I do not think I would have arrived at the same point without Katy’s help. I strongly recommend her service, particularly to applicants with a “story” that is unusual or not immediately straight forward.

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     By nipjas 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission MBA Student Services
Consultant: Daniel Richards

I began the MBA admissions process in April, when I conducted a bunch of 30 minute free consultation calls with several consultants. I instantly connected with Dan - he had carefully reviewed my resume and within 30 minutes, was able to articulate what he thought were the key strengths in my profile and where he thought I would have to work harder.

I did not regret choosing Dan and mbaMission, even for a second, as my advisors through the admissions process. I initially signed up for a three-school package, but decided to add two additional schools given how happy I was with Dan's mentorship.

Applying to five schools in R1 is a daunting task, and I would never have been able to finish it without Dan's adept guidance. We formally began our engagement with a rather long brainstorming call that dug deep into the annals of my life, and helped Dan understand the most interesting aspects of my story. From there on, we methodically worked through resumes, letters of recommendations, essay drafts, applications and subsequently interview prep. I admired Dan's timeliness, professionalism, steadfastness and his constant desire to push me towards excellence.

Over and above everything, what I appreciated most about Dan was his honesty. Dan would never hold back his feedback or mince words to placate me - black was black and white was white. There were several instances where I would be extremely proud of an outline or a first draft, only to be respectfully told by Dan that I required a total re-write. It was hard to question his sagacity and listening to him turned out to be in my best interests. What was even more amazing was Dan's mastery of taking my simple, often verbose language and turning it into something crisp and sophisticated - definitely a place where his editing background proves to be immensely useful.

Long story short - I would recommend Dan Richards and mbaMission to anyone without a hint of hesitation. Go for him - you will most likely end up at your dream school, just like I did!

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     By emlee 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission MBA Student Services
Consultant: Debbie Choy

I knew I wanted to work with an admissions consultant, so when I started the process, I took advantage of the 30 minute free consultation most consulting firms offered and "interviewed" several of them, including Stacy Blackman, Stratus Prep, Expartus, Veritas and mbaMission. I ended up choosing mbaMission based on fit.

My consultant was Debbie Choy. I worked with her on a 4 school package for round 2. I personally applied to 5 schools and also the Consortium (an application on its own) and was admitted into 4 schools (waitlisted at the 5th) as well as the Consortium.

Debbie was instrumental to my success. She worn several hats and served as my:

1) Project Manager - the business school application process was extremely overwhelming and had a lot of to do's. Debbie structured the process in a manageable way and was by my side through every step of the process.

2) Supporter/Advocate - I didn't have much confidence going into the process. I didn't have a spectacular GMAT score or an impressive background. However, Debbie was able to help me tell my stories in a compelling way. I never felt uncomfortable around Debbie. Even when I felt like my essay was poorly written or my interview prep answers were not good enough, Debbie always cheered me on while providing constructive feedback and teaching me how to improve. Before I started the process, I was prepared for not getting into any schools, and I told myself that I would be happy getting into 1 out of the 5 schools I applied to. It was a true surprise when I found out that I was accepted into almost all the schools I applied to, some with scholarships.

Overall, I had a pleasant working relationship with Debbie. I would be happy to recommend her to anyone!

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     By TW4945 1 1
This review is for: mbaMission MBA Student Services
Consultant: Krista Nannery

I have worked with application consultants throughout my life: boarding school, college, masters’ program, law school, and business school. Out of all 5 consultants I have worked with Krista Nannery was by far the best.

More so than any other consultant I have worked with Krista took a vested interest in me and my application. She took the time to get to know me as a person and got to know my interest and passions. From that we formulated an application strategy that worked to my benefit. Her feedback and responsiveness was nothing short of amazing. I never once felt like I was anything but her most important client. What really impressed me about Krista was that if she didn’t know the answer to a question she would take the time and reach out to her colleagues to get an answer.

Furthermore, Krista never let me settle for good. Whether it was my resume, my essays, my overall application, or my mock interviews she always pushed me to go further and make each aspect of the application the best it could possibly be. Furthermore, she gave great advice on further research I should be doing and people I should be taking to in order to strengthen my candidacy – things I never considered.

I truly believe that I would not have gotten into my dream school without Krista’s help. I have recommended Krista to countless potential MBA students and will continue to do so far into the future. Simply put, Krista Nannery is the best consultant I have ever had the pleasure working with and I will be eternally grateful for her help and guidance.

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