February 19, 2014

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I had a fantastic experience with Monica Okrah’s mock interview session. I received an interview notification from HBS and thought I had done everything in my power to prepare (bought the Harbus, wrote answers for every possible question I could be asked, prepared with HBS students.) After reading about the intensity of the HBS interviews I decided to hire a consultant a few days before my interview- Although the services are expensive, it is definitely worth it in order to be as prepared as possible for the most important interview of your life!

The mock interview session was a complete game-changer. We simulated an actual HBS interview experience – Monica asked for my application materials before the interview in order to ask questions that were relevant to my application. After we went through the questions, Monica thoroughly reviewed each of my answers, carefully pointing out strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement. More importantly, Monica made me aware of the lack of structure in my responses and gave me feedback on how I should structure my answers in order to provide context and effectively relay the message I needed to get across in a timely manner. After my conversation with Monica, I re-evaluated my story and my brand (with her feedback in mind!) and was able to reframe my responses in a way that truly reflected my best self.

Also, going into this process I was less than confident in myself given that my GMAT score is slightly lower than HBS’ average score. Monica was so incredibly positive and reassuring, which really allowed me to walk into the interview and express myself confidently and focus on all the positives instead of any perceived negatives.

My only regret is not working with Monica sooner – she is fantastic!!

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