December 16, 2013

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As someone who is slightly older than the average MBA candidate, I wanted to start my MBA this coming fall. Due to my career aspirations and the fact that I had my heart set on only ONE program, I had a lot of pressure to get every component of the application right, especially since I don’t possess the perfect MBA profile. Although I have a solid professional background, after months of studying, I could only muster a 650 GMAT. 650 is way below my dream school’s average and I knew I needed to compensate that score with the rest of my application, particularly essays.

One of the smartest things I did during my MBA journey was signing up with Pamela Jaffe at MBA Mission. Pamela helped me quickly switch gears from test taking to soul-searching. She made me realize that Admissions Officers were human beings who are driven by emotions and connection. The best way, sometimes the only way, to connect with their hearts is through essays.

What sets Pamela apart from her peers is her ability to leverage her strengths and background. Pamela’s professional background is marketing, finance, and journalism. This is a very unique blend of skills that contributes to her abilities to guide an applicant. She is both creative and analytical. In my experience, Pamela’s analytical abilities came to play at the beginning of the process as she combed through all of the moving pieces and, along with the applicant, helped to develop a strong personal brand statement. Later in the process, her creative prowess came in as she helped to build your story for essays.

I must comment on Pamela’s abilities as a writer. Pamela is truly a gifted writer. She can capture the essence of a story and turn it into a beautiful piece of work. When I received the admit call from my dream school last week, the AO even made a comment saying that my essays were beautiful! However, she will not write the essays for you, but she will give you amazing pointers and ensure that you select the most appropriate story that will showcase your strengths and character.

One last thing I will mention about Pamela is her global perspective. Because of her previous work in Asia, Europe, and the U.S., she has such a smart way of viewing things. She is so experienced in the world of MBA admissions and her broad perspective allows her to think strategically and critically, truly out-of-the-box thinking.

I cannot recommend Pamela enough. I am admitted to the school of my dreams largely because of her guidance and help. If you need an Admissions consultant, you should go with the best and I personally believe Pamela is one of the best out there.

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