December 18, 2013

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I highly recommend using mbaMission and consultant Adam Grossman. The start to finish package was perfect for me because I was very uncomfortable with the application process and knew I would struggle writing personal essays.

First, Adam helped me identify my school list, since I was unsure how many/which schools to apply to. We then brainstormed to identify my "story". He really helped me articulate my value-adds and goals in the "why MBA" and contribution essays. I was impressed by his patience and attention to detail - one essay had 15 drafts. That said, you write your own essays entirely and must keep yourself on the various school deadlines.

I also worked with Adam to think about the non-traditional essays (NYU Stern, Booth). We came up with great ideas that reflected my individually. He shared what he saw as the unique elements of my candidacy, which I did not see myself.

I also took advantage of the interview prep for Wharton's TBD. It was very helpful to do a trial run.

The process requires a lot of work, but it was 1000 times better with Adam to help me stay focused and efficient. In the end, I was admitted to one of my top choices.

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