December 21, 2013

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Pamela Jaffe at MBAMission played a huge role in my acceptance to my top choice school! It made the process smoother and without a doubt, much more successful!!
Here’s what makes Pamela amazing to work with:

* Her work/travel experience – Pamela has experience with a variety of industries and she has traveled extensively. My job includes lots of travel – Pamela was able to relate to my experiences ranging from Europe to Asia and the Middle East

* Pamela is incredibly direct – there’s no second guessing her feedback. She pushed me to dig deeper and write better essays. She explained why something wasn’t working or what may be missing, it was easy for me to trust her judgment!

* Pamela was always available to help - I particularly struggled with one of my essay questions, Pamela was happy to have multiple brainstorming sessions with me. She didn’t give up until we found the perfect experience to fit

*** Most important -- Pamela encouraged me to apply to ‘reach’ and ‘stretch’ schools. Although my gmat score was well below average, she suggested that my unique background could keep me competitive – and she was right!! With Pamela’s help I got into a top 10 school! I highly recommend Pamela at MBAMission!!

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