April 09, 2014

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I really enjoyed working with Angela throughout my MBA application process. Angela made significant contributions to my application in three key areas:

First, Angela is an excellent thought partner. She helped me through a process of introspection to better understand myself and what made me unique as a candidate. I valued the opportunity to share ideas as I crafted my essays and could always count on her to provide high quality, honest feedback that pushed my thinking.

Angela is also a gifted communicator. She helped me to present my experiences clearly and concisely in a way that would be understandable to individuals not familiar with the technical aspects of my industry. Angela’s guidance in this area was particularly helpful as I prepared for my interview.

Finally, working with Angela removed a lot of stress and uncertainty from the process. I was able to rely on her experience and intuition to get a feel for where my essays were strong and where there we opportunities for improvement. This significantly enhanced my confidence throughout the process and allowed me to work more efficiently.

Angela was a big part of my successful application to Harvard Business School. I highly recommend Angela to anyone working through the MBA application process.

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