April 30, 2014

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I highly recommend working with Debbie Choy at MBA Mission after applying to business school this past January. Debbie gave expert insight about each step of the application process and provided guidance on how to write the best essay for each school. Even with my unpredictable work schedule, Debbie was extremely patient and understanding with me and ensured that my applications were the strongest they could be.

When working on essays, Debbie provided comments that forced me to fully understand the unique aspects of my background and my motivations for attending business school. She always provided suggestions to improve the essays and ultimately let me make final decisions about content and tone. Debbie knew exactly how attack the even the most difficult essay prompts required by Stanford and Harvard which is known for its open-ended essay prompt. Debbie also answered questions I had about selecting people for recommendations for each of the schools I applied to. Lastly, she was especially helpful when I needed to prepare for alumni interviews and provided immediate feedback during our mock interview session.

While it may sound cheesy, Debbie really helped me grow as a person through the application process and I am forever grateful to her for all of her assistance. Working with Debbie and completing the applications helped me understand why I wanted an MBA and what I expect to achieve during business school and after graduation. While Debbie is an expert for all of the top MBA programs, I highly recommend her for any applicants interested in applying to Stanford GSB – Debbie is an alumna and has amazing insight into the application process and the program.

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