July 25, 2014

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I knew I would benefit from using a MBA consultant but what I received was far more than what I had expected. Angela Guido was my consultant and I knew I would be a good fit after our initial complementary call. Coming from non-English background, I wasn’t particularly confident in writing essays. For this, I had expected her to “fix” my essay to make it more “glamorous”, but instead she guided me to write my essays on my own that would have my unique colors. At times, she would barely tell me to revise my essay even though I thought it sucked, and the other times, she would tell me to completely scrap my essay even though I thought it was a decent draft. Yes, my essays might have had some grammar errors here and there but they truly sounded like my own work. And Angela did a fantastic job guiding me to making that final product. From constructing good stories and a stronger resume to preparing myself as a professional interviewee, she was always there for me. She made me realize who I am, how much I have achieved and what I really wanted to do after business school.

The results were phenomenal: I applied to 8 schools from so-called top 15 schools (I did 5 schools with MBAMission) and I got interview invitations from 7 schools, waitlisted by 3 schools and accepted by 3 schools. I got off the waitlist from one school in the end. I also received $40k scholarship from one school and that’s where I am headed this fall. I was again impressed how Angela kept in mind of my success for the additional 3 schools I did on my own. She was genuinely happy when she heard the great news.

I don’t know if I would have had to same results had I done all these on my own but I highly doubt it. I would highly recommend Angela Guido and MBAMission to anybody considering going to the B-School. You won’t be disappointed by your return on investment. $10k does sound a lot but hey, you’re going to need to spend around $200k during your MBA and an additional $10k can really get you far.

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