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my profile.

-investment consultant for five years - I serve billionaire families
-undergrad - 3.8 GPA at loyola university - double majored in econ and finance
-GMAT score #1: 570
-GMAT score #2: 650
- I am a big bro for big brother big sister
- i had good letters of recommendation from my boss and two well respected clients

i hired adam from mbamission, because i knew i had to craft a unique story. my demographic is a dime a dozen, so i needed to stand out.

i hired adam to help me with my kellogg essays. the process was what i expected. i did all of the work, but asked the right questions, which forced me to improve my work. once we were almost done he helped me word smith.

i was admitted to kellogg and booth, though adam only helped with the kellogg essays.

i enjoyed the process. i learned a lot about myself and how to craft a story and ask smart questions (adam, did a great job at this).

yes, it was stressful, but i would be worried if it wasn't.

i would possibly recommend the service. it depends on the applicant and if they can afford to shell out $4k.

if you have any questions. please feel free to contact me.

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