February 03, 2015

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MBAmission has an extremely solid process for start-to-finish MBA application completion. Beginning with their brainstorming document they helped me create an idea of what was and was not important to include in my essays. The fact they have been through the process provided them an amazing advantage and unprecedented insight into how I could best succeed with each school I applied to.

I did have some concerns however int that over time there were instances that I often had to wait extensively for revisions, and had to remind my consultant about these important deadlines that were due. Overall, however, my consultant was attentive and strongly concerned that I put forth my best application at the schools which would be right for me. Without my consultant I would not have been able to address the key points that needed to be addressed to convey my candidacy for each school. While this seems like a simple process, little things such as connecting dots from every 6 months of my career is something that MBAmission helped me achieve.

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