March 11, 2015

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I hired MBA mission for the three school package. My consultant was Debbie Choy and I found her incredibly helpful. We began with identifying "selling points" and stories that I felt set me apart and showed my achievements, which we then used to mold to the questions in the essays. In particular, I found the brain storming calls very useful with Debbie. She was able to take the information I provided her with and turn it into a coherent time-line and journey which came out in all of my essays.

Having a consultant also really helped on the turn-around time with the essays. Debbie always provided thorough comments within two business days and usually after a few turn-arounds we were both happy with the essay. This was infinitely helpful when juggling applications with a full time job.

Another aspect of MBAmission that I really liked is that the consultants are happy to answer any small questions that you may have when writing the essay. There were several times when I would send an essay back and ask Debbie a few small questions or clarifications and I would always get swift and helpful responses.

I ended up getting into my first choice of school which was definitely the best fit for me and I am over the moon!! I am extremely happy I chose MBAmission and worked with Debbie and I am looking forward to starting my MBA!,

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