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If you're looking for an easy route to complete your applications and for someone to write all of your essays for you, I would not use MBA Mission.

However, if you're looking for a thought-provoking, soul-searching service that makes you think critically about your career and how an MBA would help you accomplish that, MBA Mission is perfect for you.

Debbie was my consultant and she was tough in all the right ways. In no way did she write the essays for me; instead, she facilitated my own preparations for my admissions/essays. She brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table and was able to comb through all the various activities/stories/lessons I have gathered over the years, and help me identify key themes and threads that I used to weave into my writing.

In 2011, I applied on my own to full-time MBA and got dinged everywhere I applied at. in 2014, armed with a consultant who has been there before and knew what content would be relevant & interesting to admissions committees, I was accepted everywhere I applied!

I conducted free consultations with Stacey Blackman among other agencies, but MBA Mission stood out to me because of their focus on my performance - and ironically, their lack of a "guarantee" that I would get into one of the schools I would work with them on. From a business model perspective, that really resonated with me.

I could not recommend MBA Mission and Debbie enough!!

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