August 14, 2015

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Angela was a great teacher and friend while I prepare the application. I applied for about ten schools, and Angela tried her best to help me prepare all schools. I am from Asian country, and I strongly recommend Angela to all candidates including international students who are not good at English. Angela has several years of working experience in Korea, so she understands Asian culture very well and cares international student well. She perfectly understood what I intended to say and write even though my English was poor, and taught me right direction. I can definitely say that her experience and careful advice will be very helpful.
Preparing my essays and resume, I talked a lot to Angela and could know myself better. She helped me to make simple, but powerful resume. I had fixed and changed my resume eight times while discussing about my performance and resume with her, and I was satisfied with my resume. It was focused on my real contributions and performance in my companies. I had received consulting from local consultant before I met Angela, and Angela’s advice was much much much greater and more useful than that of a local consultant in my country.
Angela was a wonderful essay teacher. She advised me to show myself genuinely with better expression. We talked a lot about my experience, and I could find my strengths and weaknesses that I did not realize. I could understand better about myself, find good topics, and write good essays using my strengths and even weaknesses. I usually wrote and revised one essay at least five times while discussing about it with her. She sent back my essay and resume very quickly, usually within one and half day from I sent my essays and resume to her. When I received back my essays, they were filled with reviews and questions written in red.
When I prepared interviews with six interview invitations, I also received great care from Angela. My English conversation was poor. However, she encouraged me, kindly corrected my errors, and taught me how to speak more logically with my words. It worked great.
My time zone was different from Angela's, but there was no difficulty in preparing my applications with her. She sacrificed herself even on weekend when it was urgent, and I always received what I needed on time.
I could get admissions from several schools including top ten schools that I dreamed, and I know that Angela contributed a lot. Her effort and insight was the best, and I sincerely recommend Angela.

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