January 26, 2016

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Choose Angela Guido from mbaMission!


After using Manhattan GMAT prep to prepare for the exam, my instructor told me she would pair me with mbaMission's best consultant, Angela Guido. I was already impressed by the strong recommendation, but during the free consultation with Angela I was further impressed with the candor she spoke of my candidacy, the concrete advice she provided me, and the fact that she did not try to push her consulting services on me. I decided to work with Angela on a 2 school Complete-Start-to-Finish Package and I would highly recommend Angela to anyone comparing MBA admissions consultants.

Before the school applications were even released, Angela worked with me through 13 revisions of my resume. She dissected every sentence and we worked through every word, "de-jargoning" my resume. I later sent my resume to a friend (and Kellogg admissions fellow whose opinions I trust greatly), and he informed me that my resume was the best he'd seen. I attribute this praise to Angela solely.

Angela, was very responsive to my correspondence, often returning multiple drafts of documents within a single day. Aside from resume prep, Angela's greatest strength in my view is her ability to pick out the aspects of my background that led to major life decisions I'd made, and subsequently articulate these insights on my application.

I can't recommend Angela highly enough. If you plan to use mbaMission, Angela should be your first choice. If you aren't planning to use mbaMission, Angela Guido should be a strong reason to reconsider.

I was admitted to Wharton, Sloan, and Booth and I know that I couldn't have done it without Angela.

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