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Angela is simply the best!!!


I was referred to Angela through my manager who happened to be a classmate of hers at Booth. I was confident in the content of my story (at the time), yet I had absolutely no idea how to tell it and that’s why I turned to mbaMission. Angela conducted my initial mbaMission review and I knew from the moment I met her she wasn’t going to tell me what I wanted to hear, but rather what I needed to hear. I signed up shortly thereafter and the journey began. Ultimately, I received interviews at two schools, Sloan and Booth, and was admitted to both. Angela turned a daunting and stressful process into a manageable one and as a result I’ll be attending my dream school at Booth next fall! A few points on what I feel made my relationship with Angela successful and more importantly enjoyable:

Direct, honest feedback
When I spoke to Angela during my free 30 minute consultation with mbaMission there was never a sales pitch. Angela gave honest feedback on my application and a fair assessment of my chances at target schools. With that said she wasn’t afraid of a challenge when I decided to apply to some of the most competitive schools without considering a safety. This remained consistent throughout the application process and I always trusted Angela’s feedback because I knew she had my best interests at heart.

Easy to get to know
I still haven’t met Angela in person, yet she knows more about me than some of my closest friends. Angela is an open book and as a result it doesn’t take long to get to know her and get comfortable working with her. In addition, I believe she does everything she can to get to know her consultants as best as she possibly can. She took a genuine interest in my career and personal life while pointing out strengths and unique attributes that I had never taken the time to consider!

She won’t let you settle for less than your best
Angela took my application to a level I never knew was possible. This wasn’t without its frustrations, but that is because Angela was pushing my application to a place that I would not have been able to take it. I remember wanting to scream through my computer after several revisions of my resume thinking there is no way I can do better than this, but Angela’s feedback was always constructive and I can’t help but laugh at my definition of quality compared to what Angela helped me to produce. This high standard never wavered throughout the process and I truly feel that each application I put forward was the absolute best it could have been.

Interview prep was top notch
When I initially signed up for mbaMission I didn’t even realize that interview prep was included for schools where you received an interview invite, however I found this to be one of the most valuable aspects of our relationship. As I mentioned, I had interviews at two schools and was admitted to both. I owe a great deal of that success to Angela who gave incredible advice on storytelling and preparation while also ensuring I was confident heading into each interview.

Filled in the holes in my application
I can still remember Angela asking me some basic questions on our first call and I quickly realized how incomplete my story was. I knew I wanted to go to B-School, but I couldn’t articulate why! Angela was quick to offer advice and resources to help nail down a compelling story while at the same time helping me take a long and hard look at why I was going to B-School. This proved extremely beneficial and by the time I got to the interview process I was telling my story like I had been planning it since childhood. It boosted my confidence, but also reaffirmed my decision to attend B-School. This isn’t limited to the application process as I feel more prepared to start B-School thanks to the advice Angela provided on career prospects.

Without reservation I would recommend Angela to anyone looking to get the absolute best out of themselves. Words do not do justice for what Angela helped me to achieve and without a doubt in my mind she can do the same for you. If you are serious about B-School and ready for someone to take you to a whole new level while sharing some great laughs and amazing stories along the way then Angela is the consultant for you!!!

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