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Great Experience with Angela


When I started my application, there was quite limited time allowed me to catch up with the first round submission deadline. Angela has a lot of good reviews from GMATClub, therefore I decided to asked her for help. Although occupied with other applicants, she was very kind to offer the help for me. There are two schools in my package and one of them required 3 essays which was a huge amount of work given I only have no more than 2 months.
Starting in mid Jul, Angela helped me from the very beginning including understanding my own strengths and weaknesses, packaging my story that could fit into the essays. She really knew how to dig out my personality and incorporate it into the essays. There are several times I was quite surprised that Angela seemed to know myself better than I did. The turnaround time for Angela was very short so that I could easily manage my submission timeline.
If you think she is just catching some grammar error or rephrasing the wordings, you are wrong. There was one essay Angela felt I was not doing well, which I felt the same way while writing it. She was very 'harsh' to ask me to 're-write' it for several times until she thought it really represented me in the essay.
During the mock interview stage, I was also struggling with some general questions such as why MBA, why this school. I tended to answer it in a general way at the beginning, but Angela also helped me to rephrase the answer to be consistent with my career goal.
It turned out to be a pretty good result for me I n the end. I got admitted to my first priority school and got the merit based scholarship. Really need to give Angela a big thanks here!

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