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Highly Recommend to work with Angela Guido!

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I worked with Angela for MBA applications in R1&R2 2015. In R1 I chose Haas and Stanford. Those two schools are known for "hard to get interview schools", but I got both interview from them. Stanford is my dream school. It cannot work without Angela's help!
1. Choose school: Angela is not like other consultant that will say school A would be a stretch for you I will recommend you B, C... Angela never does that, she always say let's try that.
2. Essay and Resume: Angela is so patience to answer every question I had. I'm so impressed that she can remember every detailed aspect I mentioned to her so she would remind me to use those details when I wrote my essay. Angela cares my success not the service fee. When I started my R2 application, she offered me the help to read my essays for different schools without charging me additional fee. She also did a regular check to see whether she can help.
3. Interview: Angela provided great mock interview. With the recorded mock interview and the resources for specific schools I can practice a lot.
4. Waitlist experience: I was unfortunately on two schools WL , but Angela remained optimistic and helped me navigate the waitlist process. Finally I got in both waitlist and got another offer.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Angela and I will go to Sloan this fall. Highly recommend Angela Guido if you need a MBA consultant or a friend to talk about your career goals.

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