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Nothing like TTP!


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I started with Target Test Prep after trying several methods and programs to improve my quant score. I do not use math in my daily life and it had been a while since I last studied it. The TTP curriculum really made a difference in my understanding on what each question is asking, and gave me the tools I needed to approach each question with confidence. TTP is not about tricks and shortcuts on how to go around the GMAT, but it teaches you in a clear way everything you need to know math related to succeed on the test. Jeff was my tutor. I met very few people so passionate about their job to the point of truly caring for my improvements and results. I always got quick responses to any questions I had, he kept me motivated and pushed me when things got harder and overall helped me with strategies and anything GMAT related. I wouldn’t have improved to a 42 on my quant without the help of Target Test Prep!

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