February 13, 2019

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TTP - the most comprehensive for Quant


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I took the GMAT twice, scoring a 640 (42Q) and a 670 (45Q) respectively. I had used other GMAT prep materials and studied for 6 months but still felt overwhelmed on the Quant section. I felt like I had a good base in quant but needed something to push me to a top score. Luckily, I was recommended TTP. I cannot state how comprehensive that site is! I dedicated a couple of months to review each chapter, take the practice quizzes, and take their longer exams. Come test day I honestly felt like I had seen every problem the GMAT threw at me. If you really dig into their materials, no question should come as a surprise. It is such a comforting feeling when taking the test. I ended up scoring a 49Q the next two times I took the exam. Finally, finished a few days ago with a 740!

February 15, 2019

Great to know that..!! Just would like to know, what did you use for verbal? (and for IR)?

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