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From Q39 to Q48 because of Target Test Prep


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Course Target Test Prep Dedicated Study

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I highly recommend you to take the Target Test Prep course if you want to score as high as possible for the Quant section on your GMAT.

Before I started with the Target Test Prep course, my Quant score was around 39. I had already studied for 2 months, but my Quant score did not increase. This was due to not studying in a proper way, I was blindly doing exercises without really learning anything. After I finished this course, I scored a Q48 on my GMAT.

Target Test Prep helps you to efficiently study all the subjects for the GMAT. They know exactly what you should learn, how you should learn it and they have the best tips and tricks to score as high as possible on your GMAT.

If you have the discipline and motivation to put the required hours (+- 180) into this course, trust me, you will get your desired Quant score.

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