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I have a quant background and initially thought I just needed a short refresher on a few of the math topics before going right into studying the harder problems. I took my first GMAT and saw no improvement over my practice tests, with a much lower quant score than I felt I should have. A friend of a friend then recommended Target Test Prep because they had seen a large jump in their score, and I thought why not. I only had 2 weeks with this course before my next scheduled test, and my quant score improved 7 raw points. I was apprehensive at how detailed the course went into each math topic, especially with my shortened time frame. But one of those small nuances in number properties that the course covered - that zero is a multiple of all numbers - just two days before I took my test - was tested on test day. My takeaway is not to overlook the "basic" or "foundational" quant sections - it helped me immensely to dig into the details.

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