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Great product - improved quant score


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Course Target Test Prep Dedicated Study

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Target Test Prep (TTP) was instrumental in improving my quant score, bringing my score up to a 48 (from a 45) and bringing my total to a 730.
What I found most helpful about the program was how easy it was to navigate through the material, allowing me to target weaknesses and focus on improving components of the overall quant section. Through practice sets/exams completed before using TTP, I already had an idea going into the program what my problem areas were. This is what made TTP so effective for me because it allowed me to strategically select areas to focus my practice and ultimately improve.
Although I came in with this understanding of my own weaknesses, this program is structured in a way that would be beneficial for those coming in "fresh" as well.
I truly cannot recommend this product enough, and have already passed it along to many of my friends as they go through the same preparation journey.
Although I cannot speak to the verbal section of this program, if it is as high quality as the quant is (which I expect it to be), I'm sure it would be a valuable tool as well.

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